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Success with Genre-based Pedagogy
Claireacevedo.ppt - Similar : claire, acevedo., specialist, language, literacy, education., international, consultant, reading, learn,, university, sydney,, australia., success, genre-based, ,

Lin3098-genre-register.ppt - Similar : introduce, multi-dimensional, approach, register/genre, variation, biber, discourse, analysis, related, fields,, “sociologically , lin3098-genre-register.ppt, ,

Similarity-Based Approach
Ch06_genepred_sim.ppt - Similar : introduction, bioinformatics, algorithms., www.bioalgorithms.info., outline., similarity-based, approach, prediction;, chaining, problem , similarity-based, approach, ,

Methodologies for an effect-based approach
Amann-gothenburg3.ppt - Similar : methodologies, effect-based, approach., markus, amann., international, institute, applied, systems, analysis., working, strategies, approach, ,

A Strengths-Based Approach to the First-Year Experience ... - ACPA
Strengths based.ppt - Similar : first-year, experience:, evidence, engaged, learning, identify, incorporating, strengths-based, approach, existing, first-year, programs , strengths-based, approach, experience, ,

Gilles Genre-Grandpierre
Ndb_gilles genre-grandpierre presentation proparco english ndb december 2005.ppt - Similar : support, attracting, long-term, capital:, lessons, experience, africa., new-york,, december, gilles, genre-grandpierre., proparco., genre-grandpierre, ,

A Linguistics-Based Approach for Use Case Driven Analysis Using ...
S8p3.ppt - Similar : introduction, background;, overview, approach;, abstraction, level;, scenario, modeling, linguistics;, conversion;, future  , linguistics-based, approach, driven, analysis, ,

Evidence-Based Practice A Stepwise Approach
Evidence-based practices.ppt - Similar : evidence-based, practice, stepwise, approach., friedman,, university, american., social, department., approach, ,

an agent-based approach to improving resource allocation in the ...
Ketter_ecis09.ppt - Similar : 1initi8,, 2erasmus, university, rotterdam,, 09-06-2009, complexity, waiting, behavior, incorporating, multi-agent, theory, extensive, amount  , agent-based, approach, ,

An agent based approach for modelling location problems
An agent-based approach for modeling location problems.ppt - Similar : computational, results, responsiveness, quality, solution, provided, agent-based, approach., drezner., approach, modelling, location, problems, ,

Rights-Based Approach - aspbae
Right-based approach.ppt - Similar : rights, approach., trends, rights, tradition., political, rights, broader, concern, rights, economic,, social , rights-based, approach, aspbae, ,

Product-Based Approach for CMMI Appraisals
Natwick.ppt - Similar : natwick, draper, november, product-based, approach, cmmi®, appraisals., technology, conference, 2003., approach, appraisals, ,

“Market-based” approach
06_presentation for itu regional forum september 2012 kiev.ppt - Similar : e-mail:, peter.lundy@btopenworld.com., 050190., progress, towards, practice, regulating, electronic, communications, markets., lundy., “market-based”, approach, ,

PCM based Statistical Modeling using BPV approach - MOS-AK
08_yakupov_mos-ak_helsinki.ppt - Similar : mos-ak/gsa, workshop, essderc/esscirc,, helsinki,, cumulative, distribution, function-based, method, optimization, statistical, modeling, approach, mos-ak, ,

An Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Approach to Building ... - MEDSpace
Dumca_7601_source1.ppt - Similar : evidence-based,, data-driven, approach, building, useful, collections., stanley, grigg,, richard, peterson,, cryer, , evidence-based,, data-driven, approach, building, ,

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